Triple Spiral Godddess,Retreat.Ireland.


An part chanelled blog to support@ Triple Spiral Goddess Mini retreat on the Emerald isle.
Are you and Indigo,Empath,healer or not owning fully your souls spiritual path.Do you need some support and connection with others of similar mind and also the earth and the goddess energies which will be empowered on this weekend retreat.

The Goddess of the Triple Spiral Unity Consciousness mini retreat is taking sign ups for the New Year 2017 and it will be in Wicklow,Kerry and if successful taken to Asia.

PM me for details if interested.Places are very limited due to the personalized nature of the retreat.
Rainbow Tours (Emerald Pathways)Reiki 123 Attunement of the green Ray and extra earth healing modality of self healing for healers. 087466302
accomodation and travel to can be arranged and are currently separate thoguh we are open to doing all in one if commitment is there.

It’s said that we all have the child explorer goddess,the mother nurturer and protector,and the teacher goddess or wise match these are the sacred masculine qualities of focus,strategy building and these are all united in the heart by the 3 fold flame.I was first introduced to the 3 fold flame when i was initiated into the order of Melchizadek.(wow i got a message from that name just no
I also feel the goddess divine order is calling me so much and although I have looked into the sacred methods of alignment with the higher self they are all anchored in the heart.these days finding truth is necessary.

To discern whats real and what not and to see some of the real beyond the illusions.confusing or what.The archangel Gabriel carries the white light of clarity and the violet rays cleansing and order.Sometimes when we clear our energies we become aware of what truly needs to be acted upon right now. I had an experience with a dentist who wasn’t good at her craft though very intuitive.she went to Australia just before the crash in Ireland.
I am clearly hearing the voice of Australia calling me though i have to act on the tooth first!There is a gift in everything.All harsh energy has to go at all levels and the proper reinstated.

In order to discern the inner truths we must create sacred space each up our hearts and listen.the way of the heart is the gateway to divine guidance which we must now empower within.a candle and just the intention will assist this process.rise above and feel out where things are going for you,imagine your higher self in an aeroplane which flies high above the atmosphere.In it is your higher best chat about things and the friendly higher self chats cordially.its exciting to chat about plans and visions and ways.You are fully accepted here in fact you have already come far in the life mission.This is a crucial time so the guide has come to ensure you don’t feel alone,look back and have the best support available.

The story is interesting so far and whats more the way it ties in with other Indigoes stories becomes apparant. You are aware we are here to witness a divine event.A shift in consciousness which when it reaches its peak will change everything.Its nearly midday on the galactical chart and mother earth has guided her children.some of them terrified into uncharted waters guided my the heart,the inner compass and the soul is alongside.The wars we have experienced took us to the brink and back.WE realized that a dual reality was no longer necessary and ww3 was never going to occured.

Because the digit 3 signified the triple spiral of one ness and a new uncomplicated awareness of how safe we are and how we are ready to gently know we are one with all things.The evidence has been there and those who seem powerful have been made aware of it.This year we shall see the second coming of the kingdom through the heart of the child.Many choose to return to innocence and memory loss has become prevalent requiring a deepening of practice and awareness.New ways of real abundance consciousness are becoming evident and enough is enough.

Peace is breaking through behind the chaos so we can once more see it as a foundation of trust and prosperity.The Indigoes are required to connect with higher consciousness and also that of the earth.Events are organized around the planet at powerful centres. The old cycles are repetitious and becoming boring and we are moving into times where love will be shared because of the realization we are all relying on each other and ulitimatley the divine which is guiding although we may not know that.t,

The new trust isn’t easy for many ego centred among us.To ease the strain we must become one with whatever we are,wherever we are and be fully present in our hearts.That stillness will breath life trust and universal energy back to our lives signalling a creative new beginning and many are drawn towards natural ways,less and less waste and slower living.It will be necessary to counteract the racing mind.The ego child is weary and wants to rest and accept its true role of joy and creativity.The mother tunes into that enjoying the nurturing role and the wise one the last of the trine is fully connected to right action through divine connection.
The letter of gratitude is being written to the earth,Love letters straight from the heart.,The elements show us how to consciously connect the universal sounds of creation become evident not to our human ears and come not from human voices.

We enjoy the organic journey to teach us unity and how to play with life force.we discover the root of non alignment is by being out of harmony with our inner rainbow of truth.The divine reminds us often with natural affirmations.The more we tune into her heartbeat the more she cant communicate with us as the mother.She too is becoming older and reaching her second childhood.Be patient with her and respect her.She is preparing to rebirth into eternal light,Pain and suffering are now being seen for the illusions they are and are becoming unbearable to sustain and are being transcended.

Goddess of the triple spiral unity consciousness mini taking sign ups for the New Year 2017 and it will be in Wicklow,Kerry and if successful taken to Asia.

PM me for details if interested.
Rainbow Tours (Emerald Pathways)Reiki 123 Attunement of the green Ray and extra earth healing modality of self healing for healers. 0874663028


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